Friday, February 1, 2013

Black Cock Training

Since My husband and I share such an affinity and love for Black Men, I love nothing more than having him train My Black Owned cunt. I have a huge Black Cock toy and he loves sucking and worshiping it before guiding it into My spread hole. Stretching and easing it in, back and forth, getting slowly deeper each time. He moans in pleasure as I talk about how much I love and adore Black Cock and how I can't wait for a real one again soon.

By the end, he is pounding My pussy so hard with it, making Me cum all over it, taking every inch in. Which he promptly cleans up like a good bitch boy and he has this dreamy look on his face which tells Me he loves being My cuckold and he can't wait to see Me riding real Superior Black Cock again soon.

A Black Owned Journey

It's uncanny how you can go your whole life thinking you're one type of person and then realize you're someone else altogether different. Yes, you still retain parts of what make you, you. But you gain so many precious new parts that make up who you are meant to be. I am a Mistress, a slave Owner and a Black Owned Queen of Spades. I find Myself wishing to be Owned by a Black Man. Wishing to be of service but only in the capacity of serving Black Men. I heavily believe in cucking My sissy husband and allowing him to serve Me.

I hope this blog can give insight not only to Myself and My chosen family but to anyone who shares in My love of being a Queen of Spades.